Family Resp. Office

Dealing with the Family Responsibility Office (FRO)

There is a great deal to know about the FRO.

We can help with some practical strategies to assist you.

Always keep the FRO up-to-date on your address. They may send out a notice that you don’t receive resulting in your driver’s license being suspended without you even knowing anything about the notice.  The law doesn’t require a hearing.

If you receive a notice from the FRO stating your driver’s license will be suspended:

Call us immediately!  You must act!  You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t seek help until it’s too late. Once your driver’s license is suspended, even a superior court judge can’t help you. We will provide you with a copy of the law and a discuss the immediate action you need to save your license.

You may be threatened with jail if you can’t make the payments.

1500 people per year in Ontario are jailed by the FRO. Don’t be one of them. We can help!  You may have lost your job, been laid off work, had your overtime cut back or have become disabled. You need to know about the policies of the FRO and your rights.  You need our assistance to document your actions with them to protect your rights. Sometimes, going up a few rungs in the ladder, so to speak, helps. There are strategies that can help!  Many people don’t act because they can’t afford lawyers but they can afford someone to coach them and complete the paper work for court.

Not treated fairly by the FRO?

Maybe you should file a written complaint to the director. We can help explain what evidence you will need and how to go about getting it. We can assist you make your written complaint. Let the FRO know that you won’t be walked on by their collection agents.

Learn about what triggers an end to your child support obligations