DADS Canada has helped many people since we began in 1994 to understand the family law system and to save money in legal fees which preserving their relationship with their children.

My 11 year old son was abused by my ex-wife. I couldn’t afford to pay $5,000 up front to a lawyer just to start my case.  DADS Canada helped me to learn about the family court. The coaching I received from their knowledgeable staff enabled me to get custody of my son. They taught me what I needed to know and helped me to file all the court paperwork. They educated me on what mattered to the judge and what was a waste of the court time. It helped a lot.  Their fees were inexpensive compared to the lawyers. Thanks DADS Canada!

My ex-wife took off with our child to Ireland. I couldn’t afford much for lawyer’s fees. One lawyer wanted a $10,000 retainer up front and wouldn’t guarantee anything. DADS Canada assisted me with the family court paperwork and explained the international laws regarding family law. I won in family court an got an order for the police in Ireland to locate and apprehend my child and return her to me.

My common law wife and I decided to call it quits. It was fairly amicable. I contacted DADS Canada and they helped me put together a parenting plan for our child. I learned from DADS Canada nearly everything I needed to know. I presented a comprehensive package of information to my ex-wife and got the necessary written documentation from her. We both then took what was needed to our own lawyers. It was organized and we saved a bundle on lawyers. We both got independent legal advice from our lawyers but spent little on lawyer’s fees.  DADS Canada fees were inexpensive.  Their help saved me a bundle.