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Ghost busters went bust.

We brought you the FIRST DEAD BEAT MOM’S PROTEST IN CANADA we did even better we did something every father going through divorce wanted to do, we brought on THE VERY FIRST DEADBEAT JUDGES PROTEST. There were four of them there has never been one since.

We brought the issues to National television, radio, newspapers, with facts and documentation in a way that could not be ignored. We attended hearings such as the Special Commettee on Custody Access and made recommendations of our own.

We have been involved directly with hundreds of cases with and without lawyers and helped thousands of people with information on where to find the proper assistance they needed or put them in the right direction.

We won numerous custody battles some with lawyers some without. We assisted many father to keep their driver’s license, stay out of jail, clear up their arrears. The list goes on and on.

We promote and encourage mediation where possible and will be the first to tell you it works best for your children if you both keep them out of your problems and focus on theirs.

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