DADS Canada Family Services Inc. ( DADS Canada ) is a Toronto, Ontario, non-profit father’s support group .

We are dedicated to serving our members with the support, counselling, coaching they need when going through separation or divorce.

Since 1993, DADS Canada has assisted people just like you to quickly gain knowledge of the family law system and provide support by means of meetings and educational seminars.  We have helped people to organize their family law legal case and to complete family law forms to prepare for their lawyers. Many of our strategies result in lower stress and maintain your relationship with your children.

Many of our members are self represented in family court because of their limited financial resources. In fact, about 80% of family law litigants in Ontario are now self-represented. Although most of our clients are in Ontario, the laws are the same or similar in other provinces.

The inside track on family law

You will learn quickly about family law strategies and the family court system and non confrontational ways of dealing with family law issues. Some of this information won’t be explained by any lawyer. Talking with other fathers that are going through the family system is often very helpful.

You will also learn about other methods for avoiding lawyer’s fees and reducing the stress related to divorce while protecting your assets and your relationship with your children.

Our 20+ years of experience will save you time, money and stress while preserving your relationship with your child.

Our Advocacy

Many of our clients get involved with our volunteer advocacy work. This may take the form of protests, helping prepare presentations to government committees or distributing literature on much needed family law change.